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Temporary Hair Decorations

Sparkles / Braiding / Wraps / Feathers


Hair Sparkles or Bling is the latest trend in temporary hair decoration and is being worn by lots of celebrities such as Beyonce!

What is it?

It's a temporary system involving knotting very fine silk tinsel strands into your hair. It's very subtle, sitting just under the top layer so it just peeks out and catches the light. Of course if you wanted a bolder look, more strands could be added closer together.

It comes in lots of different colours to suit your mood or give a subtle effect or more of a dramatic contrast.

Your beautiful sparkle strands can be washed and styled with your hair and even straightened up to 180degrees. They can last for just a couple of days or knotted twice to last a little longer than a week - dependant on how often and how vigourously you style your hair. Removal is relatively easy using conditioner and easing them out.

Available as an individual appointment for a special occasion or as an addition to a party or event.Have a sparkle party - If you can get a group of 5 friends or more together at £10 each yours will be free of charge! Why not combine glitter tattoos or facepainting for a magical princess or fairy party? If time is a constraint or just because it's her special day - why not just treat the birthday girl? How to Book me

Hair feathers are available in many colours either striped or plain and are attached to a tiny section of hair using a ring bead which is flattened with a special tool. Hair can be washed and styled but no direct heated appliances as they are synthetic and will melt! They can last for weeks with care, removal can be using pliers to squeeze the bead open again ( they can be pushed back up near the root using this method to extend wear time ) Priced per feather.

Popular at festivals and outdoor summer events.

Braiding involves plaiting a section of hair with a choice of up to 3 colours of cotton thread. They can last as little as days or a few weeks with care and hair can be washed & styled but avoid the plaited section when brushing or combing. Removal by simply cutting the bottom knot and unplaiting.

Popular at festivals and outdoor summer events.

Wrapping and knotting a small section of hair with a choice of usually 2 but can be more colours of cotton thread. Hair can be washed and styled but care needed when brushing & combing. Removal is by cutting the securing bottom knot and unravelling the wrap.

Popular at festivals and outdoor summer events.