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Henna Tattoos

The Henna I use is made from 100% natural Henna powder, mixed with lemon juice or water  and essential oils - cajuput, Naiouli or Eucalyptus for Adults and Lavender for children (over 8 yrs ) and pregnant women ( over 30 weeks ). Available from

Henna ranges in colour from greenish to reddish brown depending where the plant was grown. If it is any other colour than a shade of brown it is NOT henna, coloured or White' henna ' is a mixture of body paint and skin safe adhesive but will be at it's best for that event, no stain will be left.

I do not use so called Black 'henna' - this is NOT henna - it contains PPD chemicals which are extremely toxic and can cause permanent scarring. For more information please check this link

To create your design, the paste is piped onto the skin - similar to icing a cake! allowed to dry- approx 15-20 mins -once the surface is just beginning to crack , it can be spritzed or dabbed with a lemon juice / sugar solution to seal the paste onto the skin and keep it moist.

Care and Achieving a long lasting stain

     The paste needs to stay warm and moist for as long as possible. Leave the paste on the skin for as long as possible, at least 4 hours or overnight for best results, then allow it to fall off on its own, or if you do not relish a bed full of flakes, pick off any remaining henna - use a little lemon juice or vegetable oil for any stubborn bits! Try to avoid washing the area for 24 hours as this will halt the staining process.

     The resulting stain begins as a bright orange, darkening to a deep mahogany after approximately 48 hours. The resulting design will last from 1 - 3 weeks dependant on a variety of factors such as area of the body, frequency of washing, clothing friction, warmth, skin type and how long the paste remained on the skin. If aftercare is followed correctly a deep, long lasting stain can be achieved, if the paste is only on the skin for a short time you will still get a stain, it just won't last as long or be as dark. * For individual appointments, I cover with breathable medical tape or the area can be wrapped, preferably overnight, first in tissue paper followed by clingfilm, this keeps the area warm and the tissue absorbs any sweat.

* In some cultures, Brides do not have to do housework until their henna has faded!

The design can be dusted with loose glitter or embellished with glitter gel for added impact and sparkle and will last until the paste comes off.

Henna is particularly great at outdoor events in the summer when you can show the designs off!

Why not combine Henna with glamourous eye designs or body paint for a Teenage party .... or have a Hen night or a baby shower with a difference! 

Want a specific design or something for a special occasion?

I offer a mobile service for Bridal, Wedding parties & events - charged at an hourly rate and private individual appointments starting from £15 ( local 20 mins )

If you can get a group together it can be more cost effective and a fun get together or visit me at one of the public events I attend over the summer.