Creative Capers! -
    I can also offer Glitter Tattoos for those who like to add a bit of sparkle, these are applied using cosmetic glue either freehand or using a stencil, very fine,cosmetic grade polyglitter is applied once it is tacky. They are touchproof & waterproof immediately and last for approx 3 - 5 days so great for pool parties in the summer where face painting is not a practical option. Take care when bathing or taking a shower, do not rub or scrub the tattoo and either pat dry gently or leave to air dry.
   Removal is easy using baby oil or warm water and rubbing gently.
Glitter tattoos are only suitable for application to the body.
   Those wishing for a matt option can opt for ink, applied through a stencil, which also lasts for a few days.
   Combine with facepainting either as an alternative or as an additional entertainment....
Freehand Glitter tattoos

And Using a Stencil....
temporary tattoo dragon in ink
Temporary Ink tattoos

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